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We build all kinds of software, including web development and design, android\iOS apps, APIs, automation software, among others. We offer all the necessary services for web marketing and promotion, right from the business creation phase.

Web Development

Unlike what's commonly found, our team strives for the best profitability for your business. That's why we're detailed in the way that we plan, design and develop your software. Our objective is not only to deliver the best technical solution but also to make sure it's profitable and targets the end-user.


Your website will be designed with the proper tools and reviewed accordingly in order to increase conversion. We do not re-sell the same website, each website is unique, with it's own branding.

Web Frameworks

In order to obtain the best possible results, we'll pick the best platform to build upon according to your needs. We use stable frameworks, well known and with great performance and scalability.

SEO services

With a massive network, several PBNs, and partnerships with authors on diverse high DAPR sites, we're capable of offering unique SEO services, capable of bringing you great traffic and reducing paid advertising costs.


We keep the final goal on our minds throughout development and we guarantee the client's satisfaction, with a product not only adequate to the client's expectations, but, more than that, to the businesses expectations.

Cyber Coder is the definitive solution for Webmasters

All the necessary services to management, maintenance and success of your business.

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SEO and Marketing

A programmer does not have the same skills as a graphics designer, or a web promotor, in such way that coordination between the team is critical in order to guarantee the most eficient website. Promoters work alongside our programmers and designers for this to happen.


For those capable of deciding which kind of service is best for their business, you can get everything here from backlinks to social signals.


We'll build automation software to automate the tasks you need, highly customized according to your needs.

Fix and Improve

We'll fix any error on your application as well as improve it as requested and after going through our recomendation with you.

Keyword Research and Domains

If you're looking into opening an online business, we'll do keyword research in order to ensure the best google outreach according to current competition and optimization costs and find a proper domain for your needs.

Domain and Website Brokers

If you have a good domain or website, talk to us and we'll find you an interest buyer according to the request budget, on very low 15% comissions.

Organize your campaign

We'll create and manage all the promotion services related to your website, including SEO, web 2.0 maintenance, On-Page optimization and paid advertising

Good design is finding that perfect balance between the way something looks and how it functions.
How We Work

About Us

We are a company specialized on the creation and of web businesses and their promotion covering all the necessary services from development to marketing.

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Complete Online Business Development

By working with us you'll have the advantage of receiving all the necessary services to the well being of your web business. 

Besides our high availability team, we make use of several high quality teams and service providers specifically selected in order to promote the highest service quality in the shortest timeframe.

  • Development(PHP, C, C++, Ruby, C#, Python, Go...)
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Marketing Analysts


Our statistics reflect results. See bellow the representative values of our success.





According to freelancing platforms

Graphic Design


Web Design


Web Development



Our company is established and starts offering web development ande design services becoming well known and reputable on platforms such as Guru, Upwork and Freelancer.

After dozens of projects in the more diverse areas, including server and infrastructure maintenance, creation of high performance and scalability web platforms and web design our team dedicates itself to establishing relations and partnerships with relevant entities in the world of SEO.

By the end of the year, and with over 90 completed projects with 5 star feedback, our team follows 45 developed businesses, making use of the newly established relations in order to bring them to google's first page.

Established, we decide to expand our markets and offer our services to a wider range of people.